Skype Mentoring

6-12 weekly or twice weekly Skype sessions.

No experience necessary.

Mentoring is tailored to the individual depending on your goals and interests but may include:

  • Creative writing, poetry and literary tools 

  • Sound exercises including alternative mindfulness, soundscapes

  • Language to enhance self-empowerment and mental health awareness 

  • Performance and non-verbal communication 

One to One


per session

Free consultation


Peer support, service user empowerment

and special projects.

Experienced project manager and collaborative working which has included:

  • Training: mental health awareness/management and team building

  • Reviewing and evaluating services with recommendations for development

  • Creative projects utilising co-production

  • Research: social policy, psychoanalysis, political philosophy, musicology.


Spoken word, rap/music and creative writing for mental health and social inclusion.

Individually designed according to specific purpose or hosting service. Duration and content can be tailored. 

  • Structured, weekly group sessions for mental health and wellbeing

  • Singular workshops for festivals, events or conferences

  • Focus can include: sound, language, writing, performance, artistic expression

  • Min. group of 4, max negotiable