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Wanda Canton is an artist, facilitator, consultant and researcher.

Wanda (pronounced van-da) is currently completing her doctorate at the University of Brighton, exploring abolitionist philosophy and politics, the relationship between UK Drill, knife violence, and rap as a decolonial philosophy. She teaches criminology and is particularly interested in alternatives to the criminal justice system.

In 2022 she founded Sonic Rebellions, an international network of artists, academics and activists exploring the relationship between sound and social justice. The inaugural Sonic Rebellions book is now availableHer other publications include I Spit Therefore I Am: Rap and Knowledge (2022) and Spoken Poetry at the Border of Trauma (2019) for the Journal of Psychosocial Studies. 

She has featured on and produced a number of podcasts including Three Ain't a Crowd (producer and host),Women Flip the Script for women in prison (producer) and Fearne Cotton's Happy Place (guest).


Her work as a facilitator and former mental health practitioner explores how music (rap and spoken word), sound, speech and performance can enhance mental health and social cohesion. She has worked across community projects, statutory and third sector services including: 

  • Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals (low and medium secure)

  • Prisoners support services

  • Domestic Violence Charity 

  • Community mental health day centres

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing community events and projects 

  • Emergency Services Frontline Staff 

  • Wellbeing and Arts Festivals including Edinburgh Fringe 

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